About CAQS

About the Center for Applied Quantum Science

CAQS (pronounced, "Quacks") at the University of Oregon focuses the efforts of scientists working at the forefronts of fields that contribute to this rapidly expanding discipline: quantum optics, quantum information, quantum computing, ultrafast-laser molecular spectroscopy, quantum molecular electronics, quantum opto-mechanics, quantum computational chemistry, and coherent energy and charge transport in molecular networks. 

Quantum science is the study of matter and energy—the basic constituents of the physical world—in the ‘quantum realm.’ The term ‘quantum’ refers to aspects of Nature that cannot be explained using classical Newtonian physics, yet which underlies and defines the basic fabric of reality. Quantum mechanics provides extraordinarily accurate predictions for phenomenon that are the basis for modern technologies, which pervade our everyday lives: the laser, the light-emitting diode (LED), semiconductor electronics (such as the computer and the smart phone), and high-capacity magnetic hard drives for computer data storage.

Applied quantum science is a rapidly developing field that presents many opportunities to translate new discoveries in quantum science to applications that may benefit society within a small number of years. Recent advances include quantum data encryption, quantum metrology (high-precision sensors of acceleration, force and gravity), and the yet-to-be-developed quantum computer.

The goals of CAQS are:

  1. Strengthen research in the area of applied quantum science
  2. Raise visibility of CAQS researchers and applied quantum research
  3. Developing a research program in applied research while remaining grounded in basic research

The center is comprised of an international base of members from North American and Europe.